1. Academic Seccion :

The academic session of the College starts as per common acedemic calendar framed by the Govt. of Odisha.

2. The admission in to the college begins after the publication of result of Board/Council in accordance with the rules of the Govt. of Odisha, Council of Higher Secondary Education and Fakir Mohan University.

3.A student seeking admission into any fulty is required to apply to the Pfrincipal in the Net within the prescribed date fixed by Govt. (

4. At the beginning of each Academic Session each student is required to take re-admission on payment of requisite fees.

5. Before taking admission each student is to sign a form of ujndertaking (if he/she is below 18, the father or guardian will sign) that he/she will abide by the rules of the college.

6. Students should submit their permanent as well as present address & mobile No. in the college office. Any change of address during study should be informed to the office in written form.

7. (i) Identity cards will be issued to the newly admitted students at the time of Admission.

(ii) Identity cards for other students will be renewed at the time of readmission into higher class.

(iii) In case the Identity card is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 30.00 on sujbmission of an application to the Principal with an attested passport size photograph.

(iv) Students are advised to keep the identity cards with them to produce the same as and when demanded.

(v) At the time of taking T.C. students must surrender their identity cards in the office.

8. Students are advised to keep their cycles/motor cycles/Scoot ers under locks in the cycle stand at their own risk. Students parking cycles/vehicles in any other place than the cycle stand shall be penalised. For any missing of the cycle/vehicle authority will not be held responsible.

9. As per the rules of the Government of Odisha students of the college can’t be the members of any other institutions or Athletic teams without the permission of the Principal.

10. Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the 9 10 Calendar-2017-18 [ ] [ ] Calendar-2017-18 classroom and shoulod not enter or leave their seats while classes are in progresses. Without permission of the teacher, Non-collegiates are not allowed to attend classes under any circumstances.

11. Students are forbidden to loiter in the corridors of the college. When they have no class, they may remain in the common room ment for them. While a class is going on, students should not assemble at the doors.

12. Before entering into the Office, Principal’s Room, Staff Common Room & Library, the students should take permission and should maintain perfect discipline there.

13. Students found involved in teasing will be severly dealt with which may result in their expulsion.

14. Students misbehaving any member of the staff of the college (either inside or out side the college campus) shall be rusticated from the college.

15. Students are warned against temperingwith lights, fans, switches and other furniture of the colloege. If they are found causing damage to any such fittings, will be heavily fined.

16. Students must not spit on the walls, floors, pillars and doors of the college by chewing pan etc. Spitting is strictly forbidden in and arround the campus. Violation of these can result in expulsion from the college. They should maintain cleanliness in the college premises.

17. Putting placards, posters and other papers and disfiguring of college wall, doors, windows and boards with pen, pencil, paint and chalk are strictly prohibited.

18. Every student is required to have minimum 75% of the attendance in an academic session. Condonation may be granted only in exceptional cases where a student secures attendance between 60% and 75%.

19. No club or society should be started, no function or meeting should be organised and no donation should be collected for any social or religious institution in the college without prior approval of the Principal.

20. Every student should deposit his/her monthly tution fee at the college counter by the last day of each month.

21. DRESS CODE:- As per the letter No.-4447/Dt. 08.02.06 of the Deputy Secretary to the Govt., Uniform Dress Code has been implimented in this college from the session 2006-07. Every student should come to the college in his/her uniform failing which he/ she won’t be allowed to sit in the class. At the time of fresh admission into +3 1st yr. class .

Colour Specification:-

+3 Streams


Shirt - Brown Check Colour

Trouser - Black


Punjabi - Brown Check Colour

Salwar - Black

Apron - Black