The National Service scheme was introduced in the college in 1992. There are at present three N.S.S. units (2Boys and a Girl). Each unit consists of 50 volunteers and is under one officer. The board objectives of the N.S.S. are :-

1. To make use of the leisure periods, holidays and vacations of the college students by organising camps for the uplift of the village in socio-economic respects.

2. To inculate in them the sense of responsibility towards their fellow villagers and the dignity of labour.

3. Diffusion of advanced ideas in the minds of the villagers for their betterment by ways of encouraging rural saving, removing, illiteracy, providing prelimenary medical aids and improving village sanitary facilities.

4. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership and operation.

5. To organise group meetings among the villagers and convince them about the usefulness of planning and how to put into practice. RULES

a) All normally healthy students of the college are eligible to apply for enrolment which is voluntary in nature.

b) The selection for admission into the N.S.S. Officer(s) is final. The enrolment is voluntary.

c) A minimum of 75% of attendance in the physical classes and attendance in two camps in a year is comulsory, without which the names will be struck of the rolls.

d) Discipline is the most guiding factor in N.S.S. The Officer(s) in charge of the N.S.S. is/are empowered to take disciplinary action against any volunteers.

e) At the time of taking C.L.C. the volunteers shall be given N.S.S. certificates.

f) No certificate shall be issued to volunteers who have not attended camps.